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9 Bed, No Bath

Cassette tape containing 17 very lo-fi songs recorded in 9 bedrooms (and zero bathrooms) in a handful of towns/cities between France and the US from 2012-2016, as well a few jokes recorded during comedy shows in Portland throughout 2016.

$7 + shipping. 

Select tracks may be previewed here.

To purchase please inquire using the form below and I will respond to arrange payment via Square, Venmo, PayPal, or IRL! Long live physical media!!! 

Side A: Covers

a decade under the influence (taking back sunday)

more, more, more (andrea true connection)

crawl babies (the pastels)

blumenlied (gustav lange)

blues run the game (nick drake)

the fairest of the seasons (nico)

100,000 fireflies (the magnetic fields)

when you're by yourself (jeffrey lewis)

last christmas (wham!)

computer love (kraftwerk)


Side B: Originals


they told me to stop (music video here)

state fair

staring at the drain (music video here)

i will never buy rosin


i love little streets

punk house

big thanks to Aaron at Clinton Street Record & Stereo and SuperDigital in Portland, OR!

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