Radio U / by Megan Stahl

It's 8:30 on a Memorial weekend Saturday morning. I have been dressed for a run for a half an hour now and keep finding reasons not to leave the house. So here's another one: finally starting my website blog. 

For the last 6 weeks I've had the pleasure of learning to produce audio documentaries at Radio U, a weekly class put on by the Media Institute for Social Change and XRAY FM, where I already co-host a talk show with my amazing friend Emilly Prado.

Thanks to a wide range of guest lecturers specializing in various aspects of radio journalism and podcasting, I learned a ton in this class, from interview techniques to the difference between writing for print and radio. Not to mention sound design and how to pitch projects, something I'm trying to become more comfortable doing with regard to film projects as well...

When choosing a subject for my final project, I immediately thought of the coolest looking Portland business I could think of: Passport Immigration Photos on NW Broadway in Portland. I'd gone there for fingerprinting a couple of years prior and remembered the owner, Greg, and his cute Pomeranian pup.

Little did I know, the shop was opened in the late '70s by a Bulgarian immigrant, Andre Protassy, with an incredible story. Andre was kind enough to let me interview him at his home, and while I could only use a sliver of our interview (we talked for nearly 2 hours), I'm so glad I was able to meet him. Shop manager Damian DeBuiser, who you can hear in the piece, also produces a podcast about the craft beer industry!

Ever since discovering Sonia Kronlund's Les Pieds sur terre while I was studying in France in 2015 I've been entranced by radio as a documentary medium and I'm excited that having taken this class, I now have the tools to explore it further! 

K, gonna go run now.